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Whatever stage of business you are at, Ashwood Holdings expert and experienced consultants provide an extensive range of services that will meet the needs of many types of investors and investments, from individuals to corporations.

Browse our website and contact us for an immediate introductory meeting where our responsible and specialist consultants’ will discuss your requirements.

The team

How it all came to be…

Here at Ashwood Holdings we understand the employees of a company are its most valuable asset and that is why we handpick the best in each industry and sector to work with us.

Dedicated, responsible and highly specialised in their respective fields.

Our expert staff are vastly experienced in a variety of industries and their professionalism is what drives us to the top of the market and inspires us to achieve the most we can for our clients.

Our philosophy is based on you, our clients.

We concentrate on you, your requirements, your plans and we mould our plans around your objectives.

Our independent status make us accountable to no one other than our clients unlike large financial firms with large shareholders who must be put first, we always put our customers first as they are in effect our shareholders.

Financial Planning

Financial planning

What is it we do?

Our team here at Ashwood Holdings have since 2002 exceeded all market expectations. Our diverse team bring with them a range of knowledge and experience and are dedicated to providing excellent service from the beginning as our customers are what builds and maintains our reputation as an industry leader.

Our pursuit of excellence is what has led us to successfully manage thousands of clients’ wealth through fiscal responsibility and professionalism.

Please contact our team to experience their excellence yourself.


Commitment to getting it right

We have a dedicated research team here at Ashwood Holdings who vigorously analyse the markets, using tried and tested methods and also innovative new methods.

Our research team robustly analyse many company’s financial reporting including but not exclusive to earnings per share, dividends and finding the right time to invest or enter a market.

We use a variety of methods to underpin our company values of integrity and thoroughly researched advice and thus maximise customer returns.


  • Asset management

    Our routine performance reviews offer an unrivalled edge over our competitors and gives our customers peace of mind that their assets performance are under constant review to ensure they have up-to-date information regarding their assets.

    We can manage a variety of assets including commodities, bonds, property and savings.

  • Estate Planning

    We here at Ashwood Holdings are able to offer comprehensive and far reaching advice to assist the beneficiaries of your estate. We understand the hard work you put in over the years to secure not only yourself but your family’s future. We are a sanctuary for your future success and are dedicated to offering a complete customer service package tailored around you.

  • Risk Management

    We understand that not all events can be planned that is why we offer a risk management service that is there for you and your family to deal with any problems your family may encounter from life insurance to income protection.

  • Private Financing

    Our team of experts can offer completely researched and impartial advice regarding your private finance to assist you in whatever it is you choose to do with your private fund, from savings to setting up a business.

  • Retirement Planning

    Planning for your future and for your retirement is the most prudent tasks you can do. We offer you the comfort and security of using our experts to assist you in securing your retirement and your future.

  • Tax Strategies

    Paying the correct amount of tax is something that everyone is concerned about, no one wants to pay less and face a later bill or hefty fines and no one wants to reduce their liquidity by paying too much. We here at Ashwood Holdings have a variety of tax legal and tax efficient strategies to support you in this area.

  • Debt and Cash Management

    Ashwood Holdings understands that debt is sometimes necessary for increased cash flow and to support growth in a company that is why we can assist in managing your debts and surplus cash so they are not wasted.

    We offer our expert advice and experience so that you can find the right solution for your situation and we can manage your debt so that you do not get into a cycle of debt.

  • Investment Advisory

    Every customer of ours at Ashwood Holdings has the prospect to benefit from our first class investment advice. We have a history of delivering first rate advice that has led to great returns for our clients. We discuss each of our client’s requirements and create a package perfect for their situation.


We like to get to know our customers, their financial history, their future plans, creating a relationship that lasts and is based on mutual trust and respect.

Knowing your financial personality allows us to adapt our plans to suit what you are most comfortable with. With this knowledge of each other, our financial advisors have the ability and experience to devise a bespoke plan to suit your goals and objectives and takes into account your current financial situation.

Once you have reviewed your financial plan and are happy to proceed we then progress to investing in accordance with our philosophy of putting you first and only investing in the companies that we have fully vetted.

Once we have invested, we then evaluate and monitor the chosen investment. We also continue to monitor other markets and companies. We do this to offer the best possible advice and possible alternatives. We also keep in contact with our customers to assess their changing financial situation so that we can adapt if necessary to continue with their prosperity.


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